TRANS CAL 7281便携式高精度校准仪


  • Features

    • 支持的传感器类型:应变片式传感器/信号±5V,±10 V,电位传感器
    • 设备测试:应变信号模拟器,最高可模拟±50 mV/V
    • 通过burster TEDS可非常简便的调节
    • 优异的线性度,非线性度<±0.001%
    • 最多存储16个测量程序
    • 数据记录功能可最多储存高达30.000次测量的数据
    • 出厂校准证书和/或德国认可的DKD/DakkS校准证书(可配)可用于仪器/整个测量链
  • Description

    The multipurpose digital indicator TRANS CAL 7281 can be used wherever there is a need to perform high-precision, in-situ calibrations of sensing components used in equipment such as presses, torque tools or pressure-regulating systems. An optional factory calibration certificate or German-accredited DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate can be provided when the measurement device needs to be used as a reference. This provides a quick and cost-effective way of assessing a system with traceable documentation of measurement results.

    If a reference measurement cannot be made because the sensor location is difficult to access, it is still possible to test the zero point, the input, output and isolation resistance as well as the calibrating offset of the fitted sensor. It is also possible to check the indicating device by measuring the excitation voltage and simulating the characteristic values (mV/V or V) of the sensor used.

    The instrument is used in metrology institutes, calibration laboratories and in industry in the fields of quality assurance, facility commissioning and system monitoring.

    Areas of use:

    1. Checking hydraulic presses
    2. Reference measurements in assembly lines
    3. Test of robotic pressing forces
    4. Calibrating test equipment
    5. Calibrating of high-precision measuring devices

    The TRANS CAL 7281 can be fitted with standard or rechargeable batteries for portable use or can run from an external power supply. Combined with a reference sensor the testing device provides a high-precision reference measurement chain e.g. for force measurements, but is also ideal for service engineers as a tool for locating faults in device or sensors.

    The choice of sensors includes strain gauge, normalizedsignal ± 5 V / ± 10 V and potentiometric sensors. The LCD graphics display shows the live measurement value and the corresponding bar indicator. It also supports display functions such as data-logger, tared value in % and upper/lower limit for the comparator with simultaneous indicator (< = >) of the evaluation result.

    For routine testing and also fault-locating tasks, the tester makes it really simple to measure isolation resistances and input/output resistances. The equipment test function is a quick and easy way to verify that the display device complies with the characteristic value, offering strain-gage simulation of up to ± 50 mV/V or output of a normalized signal of up to 10 V. German-accredited DKD/DAkkS calibration certificates or factory calibration certificates are optionally available. The DigiCal configuration and data-acquisition software provides useful display and reporting functions.

  • Downloads

    Data sheet
    pdf 7281 资料参数
  • Accessories

    pdf Rod ends with internal/external thread for force introduction

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