• Features

    • 适用于应变传感器进行力,压力或扭矩测量
    • 用电位计或DC/DC传感器进行位置或角度测量
    • Pt 100传感器或热电偶进行温度测量
    • 可选的多渠道模式
    • 可选的PROFIBUS或串行接口
    • 0.1%的测量精度以及特定于传感器的线性化
    • 数学函数测量(例如差分测量)
    • OK / NOK反馈在多色显示器上并通过4个报警极限输出
    • 高采样率(500 /s)
  • Description

    The 9163 process value indicator covers a wide range of applications in which process values need to be measured, displayed, analyzed and transferred to higher-level control systems. Typical applications include measuring geometric values in production, for instance differential measurements, or testing material properties in the laboratory.

    The measured values can be transferred via PROFIBUS, RS232 interface or analog output.

    The multi-channel version can be used with up to four sensors. These sensors can be combined using mathematical functions, so that even complex measurement tasks can be performed with just the one instrument.

    Visual alarms on the display make it easier and more convenient to assess when values lie off-limits. Up to four configurable outputs are available as relay or logic outputs.

    The excellent measurement accuracy of 0.1% also makes this instrument suitable for high-precision applications. Two digital inputs are provided for controlling various functions such as Reset or HOLD.

    Strain gauges, potentiometric sensors, transmitters with process value output, Pt100 and thermocouples can be connected directly to the process value indicator. Thanks to its manual linearization facility, the instrument can handle sensors with a huge range of characteristic curves.

    The latest microprocessor technology has been used to pack a huge amount of engineering into the minimum space. Essential device settings can be made via the six-button keypad. Permanent settings such as the choice of excitation voltage are made using jumpers. The large 13 mm high, 7 segment display ensures that measurements and menu parameters can be read clearly.

    The integral excitation voltage source supplies the sensors and provides the auxiliary power for any transmitters that are connected. The manual linearization facility with 32 data points means that even non-linear sensor curves can be input.

    The indicator also supports memory functions for min, max and peak-to-peak values. The high measurement rate of 500 readings/s also ensures a rapid response by the four built-in alarm limit relays. TTL switched outputs can be provided as an alternative option. The device settings can be configured via the keypad or the optional RS232, RS485 or PROFIBUS interface.

    A GSD file is supplied as standard with the PROFIBUS option for PROFIBUS integration.

    A powerful software tool for data analysis and documentation is available on request for use with the RS232 and RS485 options.

  • Downloads

    Data sheet
    pdf 9163资料参数

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